Founded in 2004, Haivision is a leading provider of infrastructure solutions for the video streaming market, servicing enterprises and governments globally. The world’s top organizations use our solutions to communicate, collaborate and educate their customer and stakeholders. We deliver high quality, low latency, secure and reliable video through the entire IP video lifecycle (contribution, distribution and delivery), using a broad range of software, hardware and services in order to deliver a full end-to-end premium level experience. Our solutions give organizations complete control over mission-critical remote video productions capabilities amid the growing needs of decentralized, remote workforces while engaging audiences worldwide with real-time video.

Large and Growing Market

Haivision is a key influencer within the ~US$15 billion global video streaming infrastructure market which is expected to grow at a 15% CAGR from 2019 to 2028.

End-to-end Solution Provider

Haivision offers market-leading cloud, on premise and hybrid solutions for the full spectrum of enterprise video workflows.

Significant Recurring Revenue

Haivision has recurring revenue from maintenance and support contracts, managed services contracts and from our native SaaS based products. In addition, we have visibility to programmatic, multi-year video infrastructure deployments.

Proven Acquisitions Strategy

Haivision has a proven track record of 8 acquisition to expand product breath and geographic reach.

Diversified Blue-Chip Customer Base

Haivision has amassed one of the most envied customer bases in world serving enterprises, government, major sporting leagues, multi-site organizations and Fortune 500 companies (including 33 of the Fortune 50).

Recognized Technology Leader

Haivision is a pioneer in low latency edge-to-edge encoding, an innovator in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), and the creator of SRT, a widely adopted standard streaming protocol.

Clearly Defined Growth Strategy

Haivision intends to pursue select acquisitions, increase our share of our customer’s network footprint, offer new solutions in our core markets, leverage SaaS cloud-native video workflows to drive recurring revenue, and drive strategic alliances.

Experienced Management Team

Haivision’s management team has an average of over 20+ years in the video industry - including an average of over 12 years with Haivision.